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Team SJCS Emerges Victorious in FFCAAI President Aning Go Cup Inter-Alumni Golf Tournament 2023

On August 11, 2023, the golf course witnessed a remarkable showcase of skill and determination as the FFCAAI President Aning Go Cup Inter-Alumni Golf Tournament 2023 unfolded. Alumni from FFCAAI member schools converged for a day of intense competition. Despite facing unpredictable weather, including a mid-game rain shower, Team SJCS emerged as the undisputed champions after a 7-hour battle, securing their well-deserved victory. The ensuing awards ceremony brought the event to a jubilant close, marking a momentous triumph.

Here are the members of Team SJCS:

Jeffrey Co, Batch ’82

Jerry Ngu, Batch ’82

Wilbert Tan, Batch ’83

Paul Yap, Batch ’84

Bernadette Wong, Batch ’85

Roger Cuan, Batch ’86

Lorencio Lim, Batch ’90

Carol Cheng, Batch ’93

Myke Tanto, Batch ’93

Johnson See, Batch ’94

Erwin Co, Batch ’97

Benjie Lim, Batch ’97

Brixton Aw, Batch ’97

Edison Go, Batch ’98

Reagan Lim, Batch ’99

Christopher Yu, Batch ’99

Marc Yu, Batch ’99

Vance Te, Batch ’06

Anthony Teng, Batch ’06

Tedmund Lim, Batch ’08

Daryl Tan, Batch ’08

Ralph Chong, Batch ’11

Celebrating Triumphs: Spotlight on the Champions

The members of Team SJCS demonstrated not only collective strength but also individual prowess across different categories. The following participants achieved remarkable victories:

Erwin Co, Batch ’97: Low Net Champion

Benjie Lim, Batch ’97: Class-A Champion

Jeffrey Co, Batch ’82: Class-A 4th Place

Myke Tanto, Batch ’93: Class-B 1st Runner-Up

Reagan Lim, Batch ’99: Class-C 2nd Runner-Up

Ralph Chong, Batch ’11: Class-C 5th Place

Bernadette Wong, Batch ’85: Ladies 2nd Runner-Up

Looking Forward: Safeguarding Our Title

Amid cheers and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, Team SJCS shifts its focus towards the future. As this year’s tournament concludes, anticipation for the next installment is already on the rise. Team SJCS remains ready to defend their title, sustaining the tradition of excellence that defines the St. Jude Catholic School community. Heartfelt congratulations to Team SJCS on their exceptional triumph in the FFCAAI President Aning Go Cup Inter-Alumni Golf Tournament 2023. Your unwavering commitment, dedication, and remarkable performance fill us with pride and joy.

“Thank you, everyone. As the figurehead, my role was to bring our Judenite FedGolf Team together across six decades (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2010+’s, and 2020+’s) of our Judenite batches. It is because of fellow Judenites like Edward Lim of Batch ’84, Jasper Ong of Batch ’97, Edison Go of Batch ’98, Grant Cheng of Batch ’99, Anthony Teng of Batch ‘2006, and many more that I am able to establish vital connections, bringing more fellow Judenites to our team. Of course, kudos also to my own brother, Cons Kohchet-Chua of Batch ’83, a current Valley Golf Director, who helped me facilitate whatever I needed for the success of our FedGolf Tournament @ValleyGolf. Our Judenite golf community is growing by leaps and bounds, breaking age gap barriers! I’m really very happy to see the engagement of our young Judenites. I can now even consider retiring and passing on the reins to these guys.”

– Charles Kohchet-Chua, Batch ‘80, Team Captain SJCSAA FedGolf Team