The Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association (SJCSAA) serves all alumni of Saint Jude Catholic School.

SJCSAA was formally established in 1997 with the purpose of fostering camaraderie and networking by engaging all alumni through communication, programs, services, and volunteer opportunities.

All alumni of St. Jude Catholic School are members of the SJCSAA.  Qualification to be an alumnus or alumna is, you must either be a high school graduate or an elementary graduate of St. Jude Catholic School.  All those who have completed at least one year of academic studies at SJCS may also be considered an alumnus provided that he/she applies for membership and that membership is duly endorsed by any alumni in good standing.

Mission and Vision


To be a strong association with active and united members responding to the needs of the association and the school, guided by the principles and ideals imparted by our Alma Mater.

To be a relevant association with active alumni membership and participation, having members who contribute their skills, resources, and undertake projects both internally and externally for the school and the society.

The SJCSAA serves as a venue for networking and camaraderie among its members.



To pool our collective resources to foster camaraderie and to energize the Judenite spirit through a networking system that would encourage mutual aid and assistance among the alumni.

To acknowledge and demonstrate our gratitude to our teachers and to our Alma Mater who have made us proud to be Judenites.

To launch and support projects to ensure the continuity of the Judenite vision for new generations of Catholic youth who are spiritually guided to assist society.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association has authority over the affairs of the SJCSAA. The Board works closely with the Alumni Relations office of SJCS to further the goals and mission of the SJCSAA. The General Assembly, which is comprised of 2 representatives from each batch, elects 15 members of the Board of Trustees. The board shall hold office for 2 years until their successors are elected and qualified.

Stella Maleen C Sia

Batch 1989

Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Finance, University of British Columbia

Managing Director – Pacific Charter Forwarders Inc.


Wilson Ong Sy

VP Internal

Batch 1979

UST – BS Biology


President & CEO-Swishgard Inc.


Giovanni K. Co

VP External

Batch 1988

BSC Major in Marketing,
San Beda College

Purechem Corporation – President, Ferna Corporation – President


Josephine Yap


Batch 1980

AB Psychology-BS Management in Financial Institution, De La Salle University
MBA, University of Western Australia

Chief Representative – Credit Suisse AG Representative Office Philippines


Joan Lim Chung


Batch 1998

BA Psychology – BS Marketing Management

Director, People and Culture, Expressions Stationery Shop, Inc.


Michael Tan

Batch 1989

UP School of Economics, B.S. Economics/UP College of Law, Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Private law practice


Andre Ongcarranceja

Batch 1995

Bachelor of Science Major in Hotel, Restautant and Institution Management.

Managing Director – Clear Sky Developers inc.


Maynard S. Ngu

Batch 1996

BS Commerce Major in Management and Finance

CEO – Cosmic Technologies, Inc.


Dra Robina Hao

Batch 1997

BS Psychology, Ateneo de Manila university Doctor of Medicine UST

Developmental Pediatrician


Grant Cheng

Batch 1999

BSc in Manufacturing, Engineering & Mangement, DLSU Manila
MSc in Wealth Management, Singapore Management University

CFO, Cebu Landmasters, Inc.


Jilliane Sze

Batch 2000

DLSU – B.S. in Applied Economics and B.S. in Mgt. Of Financial Institutions Licensed Real Estate Broker

COO, Mosaic Realty & Development Corporation


Lesly Anne Yiu

Batch 2007

BFA Information Design, Ateneo De Manila University, Philippine School of Interior Design

Licensed Interior Designer


Aldrin Chua

Batch 2011

BS Management-Honors, Ateneo de Manila University Executive MBA, Asian Institute of Management

President, Luftonic Philippines Director for Marketing, Techglobal Incorporated Director for Strategy, J. Recon Tailoring House


Jamielaine Kareena Chua

Batch 2012

BS in Chemical Engineering



Calvin Sia

Batch 2015

BS Applied Mathematics, Specialization in Mathematical Finance, Masters in Applied Mathematics, Major in Mathematical Finance, Ateneo de Manila University


Advisory Council

Under construction

Brief History of the SJCSAA

Before the establishment of the SJCS Alumni Association, a dedicated group of Judenites took the lead in organizing early alumni activities. The passing of SJCS co-founder Rev. Fr. Peter Yang in 1997 reignited the alumni spirit among Judenites from various batches. The Judenite Alumni “came home,” with many returning to St. Jude, some for the first time after graduation, to mourn the unfortunate loss of our beloved principal Rev. Fr. Yang. This event spurred the alumni into action, leading to the formal creation of the Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association (SJCSAA).

On November 27, 1988, Rev. Fr. Peter Yang entrusted Betty Dante-Aw ’73 with the task of organizing the SJCS Alumni. This effort culminated in the inaugural Alumni Homecoming held at the school auditorium, attended by approximately 350 alumni from batches ’73 to ’83.

Following elections, Betty Dante-Aw was elected as the president of the alumni association. While enthusiasm gradually waned and the alumni association became inactive, Betty remained dedicated to ensuring the representation of the SJCS Alumni Association within and beyond the school. She collaborated with the school to oversee the selection of officers for each graduating batch, with the hope of sowing the seeds for a future revival of the alumni association.

Key milestones followed this journey:

June 12, 1997: The day Rev. Fr. Peter Yang SVD passed away.

June 20, 1997: Msgr. Charles Tchou LMI, a co-founding father of SJCS, delivered an enlightening eulogy for Fr. Yang, shedding light on the sacrifices and challenges faced in building St. Jude.

June 28, 1997: Delegates from different batches attended the first organizational meeting of the alumni association at the Century Park Hotel to discuss election procedures and the establishment of the Rev. Fr. Peter Yang Memorial Fund, with SJCSAA as the sole administrator.

August 09, 1997: Batch representatives convened again at the Century Park Hotel, approving the adoption of the SJCS Alumni Association Constitution and By-laws during the First General Assembly.

August 30, 1997: The First General Elections of the 15 members of the SJCSAA Board of Trustees took place at the Century Park Hotel, hosted by Mr. Lucio Tan Jr. ’83.
September 10, 1997: The First SJCSAA President and Treasurer were elected, and Mr. Edward Lim ’84 was elected President, presenting a five-point plan of governance. Mr. Vivencio Lee ’79 became Treasurer.

November 30, 1997: The Formal Induction of the SJCSAA Board of Trustees occurred at St. Jude Catholic School, led by Rev. Fr. Vicente dela Cruz SVD, Father Provincial, along with Rev. Noel Bejo SVD and Rev. Fr. Leopoldo Jaucian SVD.

February 1998: The SJCSAA held its first major fundraising event, the “Titanic Movie Premiere,” at SM Megamall, which achieved great success.

Continuing the legacy, the SJCSAA, guided by distinguished Honorary President Mrs. Betty Dante-Aw ’73 and subsequent presidents, embarked on numerous initiatives to connect with fellow alumni and uphold the spirit of camaraderie. These endeavors included Leadership Congresses, Sports Competitions, Curriculum Revision Conferences, Appreciation Nights, Fundraising Concerts, Fun Runs, and more. The Grand Alumni Homecoming became an annual celebration, hosted by the Silver Jubilarian batch alongside the SJCSAA. Notable themes included “Conduct C,” Jose Mari Chan, Nyoy Volante, and Gary Valenciano Homecomings, all designed to strengthen bonds among both old and new friends and to keep the Alumni Spirit alive.

SJCSAA’s Legacy to Parents, Teachers and School Administration

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) & Parents Auxiliary Group (PAG)

Initiated by our founder Rev. Fr. Peter Yang, the Parents-Teachers-Association (PTA) was established to encourage meaningful dialogue between Parents and Teachers, serving as a cornerstone for progress. Regrettably, the PTA dissolved due to certain issues resulting in a loss of representation for parent-stakeholders in their children’s education.

Following our founder’s passing, the SJCSAA swiftly extended its support by making courtesy calls to key figures, including Rev. Fr. Vicente dela Cruz SVD, the SVD Father Provincial, Acting School Director Rev. Fr. Noel Bejo SVD, Principal Rev. Fr. (now Bishop) Leopoldo Jaucian SVD, and the School Faculty. Recognizing the importance of reinstating a parent support group, both the SJCSAA and Rev. Fr. Noel Bejo SVD concurred on the need to rejuvenate this concept.

With this momentum, a formal request was submitted to the new School Director, Rev. Fr. Teodor Gapuz, on February 14, 2000, proposing the establishment of a parents association or support group. The SJCSAA diligently collected information, studied the constitutions of other institutions, assessed parental needs, and formulated strategies to avoid repeating past mistakes. The Draft Constitution of the Parents Auxiliary Group (PAG) was then presented to Rev. Fr. Teodoro Gapuz SVD on October 25, 2001, during the 2nd Grand Alumni Homecoming at the Manila Polo Club.

Recognizing the significance of parent-adviser interactions, the SJCSAA suggested organizing regular meetings between Class Advisers and Parents. These meetings provided parents with an open platform to discuss matters with teachers and vice versa, while also allowing class advisers to provide updates on their children’s progress. Encouraged by Rev. Fr. Gapuz, the first experimental Parent-Teacher-Conference (PTC) was conducted, later evolving into a quarterly practice coinciding with report card distributions. This practice fostered a sense of mutual trust and respect between parents and teachers.

With the PTC now established, Rev. Fr. Teodoro Gapuz directed the SJCSAA to proceed with forming the Parent Auxiliary Group. It was proposed that the SJCS Alumni appoint the initial set of PAG officers, nurturing the organization until it was prepared for its own elections. On November 19, 2003, during the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming at the Manila Peninsula, the inaugural group of PAG officers was formally inducted.

In 2005, the school welcomed new leadership with School Director Rev. Fr. Jerome Marquez SVD and Principal Rev. Fr. Linus Nicasio SVD, both selected by Father Provincial Rev. Fr. Nielo Cantillado SVD.

Finally, in 2006, the PAG held its first elections for the Pre-School, Elementary, and High School Departments. After a journey spanning 9 years and involving 3 School Directors, the PAG emerged, with the SJCSAA committing to continue its service to our Alma Mater in the years ahead.