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Batch 99 Watch

🎉 SJCS Batch 99 proudly announces the release of a special edition Seiko watch for our Homecoming celebration. ⌚️

You may now place your orders, or bids for the special numbers. Please PM Grant Cheng at 📲 +63 917 898 3081 with the following information:

Contact number:
SJCS Batch/Group Affiliated with:
Ordered thru (if not direct order):
Preferred number from 001-200 (if unavailable, will be assigned a number):
**7. Bid for special number 💰
We will strive to respond to orders on availability and bids as soon as you message. We are just centralizing the orders and administration of bids to avoid having different versions of availability circulating. 🔄

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you sport this elegant timepiece in support of our cause. 🤝

Batch 99 Organizers