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Thoughts on Fr. Peter Yang, SVD – Founder of Saint Jude Catholic School

Thoughts on Fr. Peter Yang, SVD – Founder of Saint Jude Catholic School
By Ms. Carol Sylvia Sy Cruz
Faculty Member (Grade School) – 1977-2004
Registrar – 2005-Present


I consider myself very lucky to have worked in an education institution headed by the late Fr. Peter Yang, SVD. I started teaching in 1977 in the Grade School Department. I am still with the school but this time with the Registrar’s Office. Through all those years in the school with Fr. Yang as the head, either the principal at one point or the principal-director at another, I have observed his qualities that are worth emulating. 

A man of discipline. I can still vividly remember the early morning greetings the Grade 1 pupils who lined up in the old basketball area excitedly but recently intoned. “Good morning, Fr. Yang. Yang She Fu Chao An.” The words were pronounced audibly clear accompanied by respectful bow. The other grade levels in their assigned places did the greetings and the bow as well. 

However, the first graders seemed to have the loudest and most enthusiastic greetings of all. The welcoming sound of the early morning routine would usually put the start of the school day on track. And Fr. Yang was always around to return the greetings with a corresponding bow.

A man for punctuality. After the flag ceremony, Fr. Yang would stay in the ground floor. Those who arrived at school late, teachers and employees alike could not help but greet him as they hurried to their respective areas of work. Predictably, they would be reminded and reprimanded by their respective heads. Students who arrived late in turn were reprimanded by their teachers.

A man of gratitude. He never failed to thank the students, the teachers and the staff in every opportunity and occasion he had, be it a small or big school program or activity. Gratitude must have been another name of this humble man. He made us feel how much he appreciated our effort in teaching the children well. He always reminded us “take care of the children and we will take care of you.”

A man of excellence. He was very transparent so much so one could easily detect if he liked or disliked a program in the auditorium. He praised those who worked hard to present something excellent but could not mask a disgusted face if it was otherwise. His facial expression indicated satisfaction over something performed well and dissatisfaction on anything done haphazardly or in mediocrity. Sometimes, the occasion would be the Saturday mass where teachers and students were expected to be at their best.

A man of prayer. He never missed to go up to the 6th floor of the Multi-purpose Building to say mass at seven o’clock in the evening. Correspondingly, he was particular with the mass on Saturday, a part of the class schedule, that enabled the students to practice their Catholic Faith.

A man for education. He always reminded the students to study well and hard in the same way he encouraged teachers to continue learning. He welcomed seminars for the teachers and even approved especially-arranged classes on Thursdays in school for the MA units of the teachers. I am thankful that Fr. Yang approved my MA studies at CEU.

A man of simplicity. Simplicity was written all over his person most especially in the way he dressed up. He did not like the idea of teachers spending much just as he shunned the idea and practice of celebrating his birthday. He would be out of the school during his birthday on November 20 effectively dissuading celebration, with or without his knowledge.


It will serve well the school if these qualities are emulated by all those molding and serving the students most directly. And only then perhaps it can truly be said that Fr. Yang’s spirit lives on!